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Bringing Astrology to the Web

We partnered with a local astrologer to create GoldRing Astrology - a web platform for astrological readings. We created a system which allows users to sign up and purchase readings online, and a backend that allowed administrators to fulfill those orders.

The GoldRing Astrology landing page.


Encouraging Users to Complete Goals

We wanted to give the users a strong incentive to sign up. To capture their interest, we offered all new users a free natal chart report for signing up. A natal chart is a sort of snapshot of the positions of various celestial bodies at the time of someone's birth. After receiving their free natal chart, users who are intrigued to get a better understanding are able to purchase a full natal reading.

The call-to-action on the homepage.
Select Reading - The first step in the purchase flow.


We wanted GoldRing's administrators to be able to easily add content to the site so we implemented our own blog functionality. Written from scratch, our blog allowed GoldRing's administrators to create and edit blog posts, add tags to posts, create and apply categories to posts, and schedule posts for publishing.

The blog admin interface.


We built an extensive administrative interface for GoldRing Astrology which facilitated the management of users, orders, coupon codes, and blog posts. When fulfilling an order, administrators can attach files, documents, notes, and messages to it.

The My Readings page displaying an order with attached files and messages.


In order to remind potential buyers about GoldRing's services, we created an automated remarketing system that emails users who haven't completed an order yet. We integrated the remarketing system with our coupon code system, allowing it to provide remarketed users with discounts on their future purchases.

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