Kayenta Technologies

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Kayenta Technologies is an internet service provider located in Saint George, Utah. We built a new website for the company that explains their services, outlines their plans and pricing, defines their coverage areas, and provides strong calls to action to sign up for service. We also improved the company's branding by designing a new logo and revising their color scheme.

The Kayenta Technologies landing page.
Kayenta Technologies's internet services.


We created a new logo and color scheme to improve the company's branding. It was our goal to combine the colors of southern Utah with forms that communicate technology and connectivity. Creating a logo for the web can be a challenging endeavor - its shape must be unique enough to be brandable and simple enough to be identifiable when scaled down to a 16 x 16 pixel favicon.

The new Kayenta Technologies Logo.

Interactive Map

We designed and implemented an interactive coverage map using Google Maps. Because Kayenta Technologies is a wireless internet service provider, they can only service locations that have line of site to one of their access points. The map allows their potential customers to quickly understand whether they fall within a serviceable area.

The interactive coverage map.

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