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My Kayenta is a community portal designed for Kayenta residents and the Kayenta HOA. The site allows all residents of Kayenta to create an account to receive news, notices, and alerts from My Kayenta admins. The site also serves as a directory that allows Kayenta residents to connect with other residents and businesses.

The My Kayenta landing page.


Every user on My Kayenta has a customizable profile that contains their name, residence information, subscription settings, description, photo, and privacy settings. My Kayenta's privacy settings utilize an authorization system to control whether certain users are able to view certain profiles: users can elect to show their profile to everyone, to only other residents, to only users with a My Kayenta account, or to hide their profile entirely.

Users are able to add Kayenta residence information to their profile in the form of homes/lots they own. Lots can be associated with more than one My Kayenta user, and any user who owns a lot can elect to become the lot's billing user. Billing users receive invoices generated by the site's administrative backend.

The user profile initial setup page.


My Kayenta's administrative backend is capable of creating and managing users, lots, community news, user notices, and more.

In order to integrate Kayenta's legacy data into our new system, we implemented custom importing software for the project. Because Kayenta's resident and lot information was commingled into a single document, it was necessary for our software to automatically identify the type of each entry and add it to the correct database table.

The manage lot administrative interface.


We implemented an extensive billing system for My Kayenta's administrative backend. The system allows admins to automatically generate and send bills for HOA fees, water usage, and recreational fees. The system handles the rates of multiple home owners associations, and is flexible enough to account for the intricacies of the community's partitioned and tiered water billing structure.

The water billing system allows technicians to enter the water usage of each lot in the system. Each lot's bill is calculated based how much water it used, which billing rate that usage falls under, as well as special exemptions for specific areas and home owners.

Users on the system can view all of their invoices on the site and pay their bills online using a credit card or bank account, eliminating the need to send invoices through the mail and manually track payments.

The water billing profile administrative interface.

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