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We were contracted by Diesel Sellerz to create a website for their new product line: Patriot Tires. They needed a website launched in time for their debut at an automotive tradeshow. Given the strict timeline, we worked closely with the client in order to minimize iteration time and arrive at their desired solution quickly.

Mobile First

Due to the client's focus on social media marketing, we adopted a mobile first approach to the design of their site. Optimized for mobile devices, the majority of the site's media queries are only active on larger screens allowing phones and tablets to only process a subset of the site's CSS rulesets. The site's images also make heavy use of scalable vector graphics which look great on high-resolution displays.

Upon reviewing the data from the site's launch, our analytics confirm that over 90% of the traffic is generated by mobile devices.

Shopify Integration

Given the project's short timeframe, we deemed it necessary to integrate with an existing e-commerce service to handle orders, inventory, and payments. Shopify offers embeddable product and shopping cart widgets which we were able to drop right into the project. We then wrapped Shopify's widgets in a custom user interface that better fit the site's theme and allowed users to more easily select their desired products.

The purchase tires page.

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