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Standard Bell is a Voice Over IP service that features industry-leading security features. For this project, we created a landing page, an end-user onboarding process, sales agent user onboarding system, and an administrative backend section for managing users, agents, orders, and phone configurations.

The Standard Bell landing page.

User Onboarding

Collecting the Right Information from New Users

We crafted a comprehensive onboarding process which allows customers to order new phone service from Standard Bell. The user can specify the new phone numbers, phone number ports, and phone devices for the order. Our onboarding flow also includes a sophisticated phone selection interface that enabled customers to filter phones by manufacturer, specify the number of phones of a specific type they wished to purchase, as well as bring their existing devices onto Standard Bell's system. Finally, customers are able to assign each of their devices to a person in their organization and specify extensions, voicemail PINs, voicemail emails, etc.

Select Phone Devices - The third step in Standard Bell's onboarding process.

Sales Agents

We implemented sales agent user types who can create accounts and service orders on behalf of new customers. Sales agents can use this functionality to onboard customers over the phone or in person.

An agent onboarding a new customer.

Backend Administration

Organization, Configuration, and Administration

We constructed an admin interface that gives admins the control they needed to complete orders, add new phone devices, create coupon codes, and manage onboarded users.

We programmed an extensive provisioning system that facilitates quick client phone setup by enabling end user phone devices to connect to our server to receive specific configurations. This system allows Standard Bell admins to quickly and easily provision and make changes to phone devices: registration servers, outbound proxies, sip settings, configured lines and extensions, etc.

The phone device administration interface.

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